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If you are a golfer you are inundated with golf products that are guaranteed to improve your golf game. Many people, including Moe Norman, stated that golf is an easy game. “Golfers just make it difficult.” I think all will agree that that is a true statement.
There is no “Magic Pill” for us golfers but IMHO there is an easier way to learn.
If you are new to golf or if you are struggling with ball position in your stance, how far to stand from the ball  (club length), How to grip  each club  for your set up then we may have something worth considering.
How would you like to step you to the ball with each iron, and have the same set up? Yes, set up the same with your five as you do with your lob wedge. All built to your favorite iron’s length .
Now you can with Single Length Irons. That’s right 1 iron length, (often 7 iron length) for each iron. Every iron same length, same weight, same lie angle.
Ask your self this.
Is mastering eight different golf swings (8 irons, all with either a different weight, lie angle, or length (or two or three) really simpler than mastery of one golf swing (8 irons with same weight, lie angle, and length)?
It is said that the great Moe Norman played single length irons through his competitive years. Moe did it by adjusting lie angles to a 6 iron lie, and adding lots of weight to the heads to balance the weight across the set. He would choke down so the irons were playing the same length. (lie angle and length are directly related).
I’ve referred to Moe Norman in this post. If you are a Single Axis or Natural Golf player, as I am trying to be, You will find these irons will likely help with the learning process.

Check out our PinHawk SL irons !

Pinhawk SL Irons, One Length, One Swing

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