Krank Golf Drivers Longest in the World

Ready for a Krank F11 Driver?

For over 17 years Krank has been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. We were born in the Sport of Long Drive out of our passion to smash golf balls as far as possible. Now we have grown to fully understand what it takes to make a golf driver perform at all swing speeds. Our biggest obstacle has been building the awareness that Krank Golf Drivers are not just for Long Drive Golfers. We design all our drivers for every golfer at any swing speed. Krank Golf sells 95 percent of our golf drivers to everyday golfers and only 5 percent of our golf driver sales are too Long Drive Golfers. Krank Golf has sold over 150,000 golf drivers worldwide.

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KRANK FORMULA 11X (Hi Cor 80-105 mph Swing Speed)

KRANK FORMULA 11XX (Super Hi Cor 80 & Slower Swing Speed)


Krank FORMULA 11 and Extreme Drivers are adjustable

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