Single-length irons have already started to gain acceptance in the world of mainstream golf. Pinhawk, for over a decade, has been one of the few companies offering single-length irons, though the concept itself is not new. Our single-length irons are popular for a reason: one length, one swing. Simple as that. But is a full set of single-length irons the ideal configuration for every player?

In short, the answer is no. Why? A player with a slower swing speed may have trouble elevating their “long” irons (the 3I, 4I, and 5I) in a single-length set. If they do not have the swing speed necessary to achieve adequate launch, it can cost the player distance when using their “long” irons. The solution? Pinhawk Vertex Dual Length irons.

With one length for the 3, 4, and 5 irons and a second length for the 6 iron through the sand wedge, Vertex Dual Length irons are the best of both worlds. Two lengths, two swings – with the added bonus of zero distance loss in the “long” irons. Compare that with learning up to ten different swing paths with a traditional iron set, and you’ll see that the consistency gained from a dual-length set is well worth it!

Pinhawk Vertex Irons


Pinhawk Vertex Dual Length Irons feature the very latest in iron technology. For example, the 3 iron and 6 iron have an ultra thin, high-strength cup face to increase ball speed and maximize distance. The weight saved by the thinner face is positioned to allow for an optimal launch angle. This hollow-bodied design provides unparalleled forgiveness and distance. The 3 and 6 are the irons in their respective length group that needed “extra” launch and distance to achieve proper gapping, as they are the lowest lofted clubs in their length group. The lower the loft, the higher the difficulty to launch the ball correctly, and the unique design of these two heads make up the difference needed.

Our recommended length for the Pinhawk Dual Length Vertex irons is 38” for the 3 through 5 iron, which is a typical 5 iron length. For the 6 iron through sand wedge, we recommend a length of 36.5″ – the length of an 8 iron in a traditional set. Our expert club makers have the accredited skills needed to build a well-balanced set of irons. We firmly believe these irons are game-changers. Order a set today and see for yourself!


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