Assembled in Canada
Assembled in Canada
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Custom Built Hybrid Golf Clubs

Assembled in Canada
Assembled in Canada

A hybrid golf club looks like a wood but hits like a long iron. It offers more forgiveness on off-center strikes and versatility from the tee, fairway, and rough. Its ability to get a ball out of the rough led to the original name of a rescue club. The modern hybrids are also available as complete sets or any combination of iron and hybrid, to suit every golfers need.

Distinctive features of hybrid golf clubs:

  • Titanium or steel face 
  • Low and backward placed center of gravity for increased forgiveness
  • Wide sole with a low profile to cut through the turf 
  • Lofts ranging from 16-degrees to 27-degrees 
  • Also available in complete sets from 4 thru sand wedge
  • Similar to woods, hybrid golf clubs generally use graphite shafts but also available with steel shafts.

Hybrid golf clubs offer so much versatility for golfers of all levels and have found their way into the bags of several professional golfers. You will likely benefit from carrying at least one hybrid in your bag.

These clubs were initially known as “rescue” clubs but have grown into their own and are now so much more. They have enhanced and improved the quality and satisfaction of golf for so many average and recreational players while also proving popular with better golfers.

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