Single Length, One Length, One Iron length Golf

What is it? –

Traditionally golf iron sets change shaft lengths as you go from club to club, usually by 1/2 inch per club. Single Length irons are all the same length — custom fitted to each golfer.  Head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, swing weight, flex point and center of gravity are identical in all of clubs, making the overall feel the same from one club to another.

What is the advantage ?

Simple, with the Single Length Iron system, not only are the lengths the same, the heads are the same weight and same lie angle. Each club is built to the exact same specs so each club feels the same. This means you have one setup to remember or in grain for all irons. Ball position, distance from ball remains the same.
This means for a new golfer, or golfers struggling with their game the single length iron system is much easier to adjust to. You adjust to one golf club length or learn to hit one single length club and you have learned all the irons in the set! It takes the guess-work out of it.

Here’s what to expect!



Does it really work ?

Actually, the current number 1 amateur Bryson DeChambeau, uses single length irons . So the one 1 iron length truly is a method for golfers of all levels!

Does it cost more ?

Not really. The heads are specially developed for the Single Length Iron method so selection is limited, but the cost is fairly competitive with other quality components.
We build custom golf clubs using The Pinhawk SL  single length iron head.



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