New Acer XV Tour Blade Custom Irons or Component Heads

The Acer XV Tour Blade iron heads are geared toward better golfers who are looking for maximum shot control with the ability to work the ball. Decent ball-strikers will definitely love the solid feel of these heads.

The heads are made from soft 304 stainless steel rivaling that nice soft, solid feel of a forged iron. They have the same appearance and blade shape at address as the XV Pro irons, so they can be mixed and matched seamlessly with the XV Pros to make a blended set for the skilled player who still would like some forgiveness in the longer irons.

You choose either Acer XV Tour Blade component heads only, so you can build your own set, or Custom Build Set. We are happy to build your set for you. Your set will be built, in house,  to your requested specs by our certified club maker. Your Set will be 9 irons stating at the 4 iron up to the sand wedge. That is 6 irons and 3 wedges in total.

We are happy to assist you is your needs. You can visit our online suggested fitting guide here.

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