Single Length Irons

Pinhawk Single Length

Single Length, One Length, One Iron length Golf What is it? – Traditionally golf iron sets change shaft lengths as you go from club to club, usually by 1/2 inch per club. Single Length irons are all the same length — custom fitted to each golfer.  Head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, swing weight, flex point and center […]

1 Deadly ARMLOCK Putter

Armlock Putters

  Armlock putting is here to stay. Why? Because not only is it USGA and R&A legal, it flat-out works! Whether you are beating your weekend buddies or winning major championships, armlock putting gives you a more consistent stroke and allows you to make more putts. But there has always been one knock on this putting […]

Are Same Length 1rons for you?

Order a 9 pc single length irons set now, One length Irons may be the solution to your inconsistency. reserve your set today.

Krank Formula Fire Driver 1

Krank Fire Driver

Why does virtually every golf driver manufacturer today only make one driver face thickness for all swing speed, all ages, Men, Women and Children? THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION!

Wishon EQ1-NX Left Hand

EQ1-NX Single Length

Wishon Golf’s New One Length Irons are here. Now available EQ1-NX Left Hand irons are in stock along with the right hand model. Hollow Body design with a hot face.

Current Deal at Kona Golf Sales –


Check out this Current Deal at Kona Golf Sales.Krank Formula X Extreme Driver or driver head in left Hand only. Get yours today. Limited stock selection

SINGLE LENGTH At Kona Golf Sales

Single Length Fairway Woods

You only need to train yourself to make one swing that will work for each single length fairway wood (3 wood through 9 wood). Just like with our single length irons or hybrids, consistent ball striking is the key to great golf shots.

EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf

EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf

The EQ1-NX consists of Wishon’s newest single length iron design. Also coming is are the most unique and versatile fairway woods and hybrids ever created

Why Single Length Golf may be for you

If you are looking for any of the following you should be looking at Single Length Golf Clubs. Hit all your irons straight? Have one set up with every iron? Swing every iron as if it were your 8 iron? Have more on center hits? Fewer thin or fat shots? Have more fun playing golf…. […]

KRANK Driver records 68

Krank Golf At Kona Golf Sales

Bryson DeChambeau has taken Krank Golf into the winners circle of professional golf and letting the world know what many of you already knew, Krank Golf Drivers elevate your game to whole new level!

New Acer Tour Blade 4-SW Irons

ACERXV Tour Blade

Your Acer XV Tour Blade set will be built, in house, to your requested specs by our certified club maker. Your Set will be 9 irons stating at the 4 iron up to the sand wedge. That is 6 irons and 3 wedges in total.

Krank Golf Why 3 Face Thicknesses

the 3 faces of Krank Golf

Why Krank Golf makes 3 driver face thicknesses. It is brilliant, absolutely needed and will add 20 to 40 more yard off the tee box. This Graph is as simple as it gets! Select your Current Distance Click For Fire XX   Click  For Fire X   Click here for Fire PRO   Every Krank […]


Krank Driver

A Krank Fire Driver is waiting for you!    Are you really going to keep hitting your Thick Faced Driver?   Krank Golf is the only golf company on the planet that makes 3 Driver Face Thicknesses!!!     It is time to face the fact that thick faced drivers don’t hit far for medium to slow swing speed golfers, […]

Krank Driver In Stock


Krank Driver In Stock but Selling Fast! Why wait three + weeks for your New Krank Driver?  We have limited inventory available to custom build and fill your order now. Bryson bags a Krank Driver and cards a personal best 58 Krank drivers have won 26 World Long Drive championships, according to Krank’s website. The […]

#1 Win for Krank Golf


Pretty Exciting Stuff!  A #1 Win for Bryson DeChambeau and a #1 Win for Krank Golf.
Bryson DeChambeau made LIV Golf history on Sunday in the final round of the series event at the White Course at Greenbrier in West Virginia.

1 Length Golf Clubs

EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf

If you are considering 1 Length golf Clubs check out the offerings from companies such as Pinhawk Golf , or Wishon Golf .

Pinhawk One Length Fairway Woods

Pinhawk Fairway Woods

You only need to train yourself to make one swing that will work for each single length fairway wood (3 wood through 9 wood). Fine tuned perimeter weighing with a low center of gravity helps get the ball up quickly with a perfect trajectory.