Custom Build Quality by a Certified Clubmaker  

Many people wonder about the quality of golf clubs purchased online … With good reason from what I have seen.

Whether you purchase online or walk through our front door, the quality is the same.

Here is how we CUSTOM BUILD golf clubs for our customers.

First we start with quality golf club components. Our Component golf heads are designed by leading industry club designers. We do not sell clones or copies. We then determine which shafts will be used for the build. We first sort the shafts by frequency and weight. Once we have the shafts selected we locate the Natural Bend Point or Flo Line of each shaft. This is done to align the shaft in the head to provide the best feel and most forgiving performance. This is referred to a Spine Alignment.

We then trim the shafts as required, dry fit the shafts and heads and check the frequency and swing weight. We adjust the shafts as required to achieve the desired stiffness (measured in CPM).  This is referred to at frequency matching. We then assemble the heads and shafts.

Once the set has set up we check each head for loft and lie and adjust to spec. Most component manufacturers  hav e a plus or minus 2 degree tolerance. We do not feel this is acceptable and we bend as required so they match the intended specification. This is very important in distance consistency.

From here we re check the length, and adjust to spec. We then install grips, clean wrap and ship to your door.

Our prices may be slightly higher than some of the online vendors, but no one provides the service that we do for the price we do.

Buy with confidence. Buy from Kona!