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We stock the latest in single length EQ1-NX club heads. All Wishon products are available at Kona Golf Sales by special order.

The Wishon Golf brand is very proud of its clubhead, shaft and clubfitting technology design knowledge and experience pioneered by its founder, Tom Wishon. Since 1986 when Tom first began to design clubheads, the products created by him have consistently led the golf equipment industry in innovation.  Quite a few of these design innovations were introduced well before the big golf companies released their versions. 

Due to having exclusively worked in the component custom clubmaking side of the golf industry, Wishon’s design innovations have never been heavily marketed to consumers. Component supply companies typically market to custom clubmakers and do not have the budget to compete in the far more expensive arena of consumer marketing. As a result not that many golfers are aware of the number of clubhead, shaft and clubfitting technology firsts that Tom Wishon has created and pioneered in more than three decades of product development research and development experience. Because of the lack of consumer marketing on behalf of the companies for which Wishon has designed clubhead models, many of Wishon’s design firsts are wrongly believed to have been conceived and created by various major golf companies.

Wishon’s design firsts Can be Reviewed Here.

They are listed by each area of club and clubhead design.

Full Set


Fairway Wood





Clubfitting Technology

  • WISHON Driving Iron Head
  • WISHON Driving Iron Head
  • WISHON Driving Iron Head
  • DI 595 driving Iron
  • Wishon Di595
  • WISHON 979SS
  • WISHON 979SS
  • WISHON 979SS
  • WISHON 979SS
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • Wishon EQ1-NX
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • EQ1-NX from Wishon Golf
  • Sterling 4 iron Single Length Iron
  • Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons
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